About One Touch of Love

One Touch of Love 

was created to show women of all ages and ethnicity the love of God. Every woman has a desire to receive and give love. This blog has something for every woman.

  • It is to encourage those needing a touch of love. 

  • It is to help get the woman through any of life circumstances whether it be lost love, stress, weight loss, believing for a loved one, setting goals, this blog covers it all. 

  • It also teaches women how to become love. We must be able to not just be the receivers of love but to give it as well. 

  • It teaches women about their purpose and gives the woman an identity in Jesus

  • It gives advice for relationships of all.

  • It also has information for single women and single mothers.

So go ahead, search this blog for something to help you receive a touch of love from God. If there is something you want to read about or discuss feel free to email me: info@onetouchoflove.com . Please, no spam.

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