Thursday, June 13, 2019

Where Do You Retreat?

A retreat is usually associated with getting away to a log cabin in the woods. A nice, serene weekend that is quiet and a way from everything. However, a person might retreat everyday and may not consciously know it.

There are daily stresses that cause a person to say the most popular wish, "I wish it was Friday." Then Friday comes and there may be different stresses to deal with on the weekend. Everyone needs a retreat and everyone had a retreat, the question is, where?

For many, the retreat is food. So many say they eat so much at work that when they get home they are not hungry. The food at work is a retreat that helps them deal with the stresses at work. I've heard others says they drink alcohol everyday when they get home, this is their retreat from work and home. I've heard of people who work, watch tv, sleep and repeat everyday. Some people like to shop, go to the gym, and while some sleep as their retreat.

This isn't to pass judgement on anyone (Lord knows I'm guilty) but to establish self-awareness. My retreat this past year has been eating at night and spending money I don't have. I used these two things to bury my hurt from divorce, but I can't do that anymore. However, I was not aware of the reason why I did these things until I spent time with God and He showed me what I needed to fix.  There is nothing wrong with enjoying life and indulging but when we become emotionally dependent on something to heal our souls is when it's a problem.

Our retreat should be depending on God's word to heal what is broken. This is where true healing takes place. This is where we get the result of a retreat we want, which is peace, joy and love. Stop retreating to the thing that is not good for you. You are digging yourself into a deeper hole. Instead, dig into becoming whole with God's Word. 

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