The Answer To Prayers

 This is a short blog but important. 
Lately I have been forgetting one or two items at the store, being stubborn and not making a list. I have a family of eight and when I have seven people tell me what seems like a million things needed, I tend to forget something. Every time I do I say we need to write this down. 
I was tired and just wanted to lay down but I felt like God was telling me to spend time with Him. I was obedient and spent time with God. God was downloading a Word to me so I wanted to write it down. I remembered my mom gave me a journal for my birthday a couple of months ago. I located the journal and it was a package that included two, not one, but two magnetic shopping list for the refrigerator. All this time I already had what I needed and didn't know it. I found it when I was obedient to Him and spent time with Him.
When we spend time with Him, He will reveal things to us. A lot of times it's the answer we have been looking for. He is waiting on us to seek Him first and everything else will be added.