Thursday, September 7, 2017

How To Deal With Rotten Lemons

"When life gives you lemons make lemonade." This quote is a the most used positive quote in the world. People use this saying all the time to reference that when something bad happens in your life, turn it around and make something good. As a matter of fact, a famous singer named Beyoncé called her last album Lemonade after her famous rapper husband, Jay-Z cheated on her. I'm sure it was very devastating to her but she turned her lemons into lemonade.

What happens when we are handed rotten lemons? At least with rotten bananas you can make banana bread but rotten lemons? These are the lemons that seem like it's never going to end and you have no way of making something good out of it. There is a way to get something good out of rotten lemons, through them away and get new lemons.
I have had a couple of times when I have had to through away the rotten lemons and get new ones. One example is when I got pregnant at eighteen and I was in my first semester of college. I did not get rid of my child but I did have to quit school because of starting a family at a young age. I did get new lemons by changing schools and my major. It was a new lemon because I had to figure out how to my degree while being a wife and a mom at the age of twenty one. I did make lemonade because I got my bachelor degree.

Since I'm on the subject of being a young wife, my next example of a rotten lemon is my divorce. I wouldn't say the marriage was a mistake because I had my second daughter but going through the divorce was very difficult. I was dealing with being a mom again and not feeling secure in any area of my life. I didn't know who I was and started having thoughts of suicide, until one day I finally tried it. I get rid of the rotten lemon when I decided enough is enough.

I finally agreed to move out and get a divorce. I then focused on finding myself and my purpose for my life. I eventually met my now husband whom I have been married to for thirteen years. The lemon is that our marriage hasn't been perfect but we are committed. We have also turned the lemons we experienced in this marriage to help others. My books and this blog is a result.
Another example is if you are needing physical healing, go to other doctors, change your diet, seek God for how to get rid of that rotten lemon. The hurricane Harvey is a rotten lemon but people are coming together and slowly getting new lemons but rebuilding. You can already see the lemonade that's going to come out of hurricane Harvey. When life gives you rotten lemons it's time to change the lemon. If you are in a situation that seems like its never going to end, do something that is going to cause to get a better lemon that you can turn into lemonade.

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