Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ladies Loving Nashville Event

This weekend I had the amazing privilege of going to an event called Fight For Her put on by Ladies Loving Nashville. L.L.N is a group of first ladies of six large churches in Nashville to come together and serve in the community. They come together to do fundraisers and volunteer events for women that need help.

This event was the yearly conference where Lisa Bevere, a speaker and best selling author, was the guest speaker. The first night was a move of God where amazing praise and worship took place along with being unified with other believers. Lisa talked about being able to speak the truth so that others can be saved. We can't be ashamed to tell about Jesus when He delivers us out of darkness. 
I received deliverance from some pains  I have been feeling in my shoulders. I have been having issues with my muscles, not from working out but from a spirit of heaviness. I received healing that night. I had been believing for healing and God did it! 

The second day of the event was more praise and worship. Lisa spoke about the attacks on our life is a time to fight, not a time to quit. It's a time to see what we're made of. The attacks on our life don't happen because we did something wrong in our past but because we have a bright future and the enemy (the devil) wants to destroy it. This is why it is important to keep fighting. 

The ladies of Ladies Loving Nashville provided food and other physical needs for homeless women. They sent buses to a housing facility to pick them up. Several ladies received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. It was an awesome thing to witness. As I'm typing this I'm getting chills. We take so much for granted, included our relationship with Jesus. Don't take your relationship with Jesus for granted and not show appreciation for Him. We show God appreciation by spreading His love. This is what this Fight For Her event was all about, spreading the love of God to help one another. 

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